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Sales Tools and Best Practices in ITrack Enterprise

Sales Tools and Best Practices with ITrack Enterprise (Part 1)

Sales tools and best practices are the focus in our first of a 2-part webinar episode. In this 3rd installment of our ongoing webinar series we’ll look at how to best handle customer records, touchpoints, customer billing, remittance in ITrack Enterprise, as well as pictures, videos, part descriptions, and Q&A fields for online advertising with HeavyTruckParts.Net.

This webinar will be useful for:
Sales Managers
Parts Managers
General Managers
Sales Representatives
(anyone filling out parts records or calling customers)

Topics We’ll Cover:
Sales tools in ITrack Enterprise for contact tracking and managing quotes.
Search tips for efficient information gathering.
Maintaining parts for Web sales utilizing best practices for images, description, and part type mapping.

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