ITrack Enterprise

for Heavy Truck recycling & dismantling

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With ITrack Enterprise, your Heavy Truck Recycling and Dismantling Shops can excel with intelligent tools that help you track inventory, create build and repair orders and more!

ITrack Enterprise streamlines recycling and dismantling operations by providing a centralized platform to efficiently manage inventory, track salvageable parts, and automate documentation, ensuring environmentally responsible practices and maximizing resource utilization.

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Recycling and dismantling - ITrack Enterprise
Recycling and dismantling - ITrack Enterprise


Everything you could ever need to complete teardowns and work orders on time and done right.
Create pre-teardown parts lists for vehicles
Track cost-effectiveness by vehicle
Sophisticated revenue stream reporting
Core tracking & sales
Create & track vehicle bids & estimate profitibility
Cut, tag, store, & sell components online from anywhere
Recycling and dismantling - ITrack Enterprise


Manufacturing systems are designed to put new parts together into new assemblies. But almost no systems take things apart and allow those reycled parts to be sold, remanufactured or used in a service department. Enterprise provides build order tools to put labor into an assembly, to increase its value and marketability, while tracking the investment of the improvement.


Enterprise is the only comprehensive ERP system with dismantling capabilities. The only one with multiple accounting integrations, multiple CRM integrations, and multiple tax calculation integrations. ITrack Enterprise is the software that handles dismantling, that can handle the whole business.

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