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Addressing the Skills Gap - ITrack

Addressing the Skills Gap: Strategies for Retaining Talent

The skills gap has become a pressing challenge that’s affecting heavy truck parts and repair shops across the board. As seasoned professionals retire and technology...

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Shop Management - ITrack

Streamline Your Shop Management

From inventory tracking to customer service, every aspect plays a vital role in shop management. However, managing these tasks manually can be overwhelming and prone...

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Salvage Vehicles - ITrack

Streamlining Salvage Vehicle Processing

A salvage vehicle represent a unique challenge in the automotive industry. From acquisition to disposal, efficiently managing these assets requires a systematic approach. At ITrack,...

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Last-Mile Delivery - ITrack

Leveraging Last-Mile Delivery

In recent years, the last-mile delivery has emerged as a critical focal point in the heavy truck industry. As the final stretch of the supply...

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Regulatory Updates - ITrack

Navigating Regulatory Updates: How Legislative Changes Impact the Heavy Truck Industry

Staying informed about regulatory updates is crucial for shops to ensure compliance and maintain efficiency. Legislative changes can significantly influence various aspects of operations, from...

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Virtual Reality and Simulation Truck Driving Training - ITrack

How Virtual Reality and Simulation Technologies are Revolutionizing Truck Driver Training

As the demand for skilled truck drivers rise, the importance of effective training methods becomes paramount. Traditional approaches to training are being augmented and, in...

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Meeting Demands of Tight Inventory - ITrack News

Meeting Demands of Tight Inventory

With the constant demand for parts, the risk of stockouts or overstock situations looms large. A tight inventory can quickly become a bottleneck in operations....

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Shop Management Features You Need - ITrack

5 Essential Management Software Features Every Heavy Truck Shop Needs

Having efficient and reliable management software can make all the difference. With the right tools at your disposal, you can streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction,...

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Electric Trucks - ITrack

The Rise of Electric Trucks: What It Means for the Heavy Truck Industry

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the heavy truck industry is experiencing a significant transformation, particularly with the rise of electric trucks....

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